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Dordogne Sporting Activities

Hiking Trails

Discover the local countryside on foot.  For example, starting from the Presbytery choose a trail for 3.5 kms or 6.6 kms.

Quercy Classic Cycling Routes “RAVITO“

Guided by one and/or two experienced local cyclists the excursion starts directly from the villa. Tapping into their extensive knowledge you will then embark on a route of discovery, seeing the region from an undeniably unique vantage point. Cycling these calm, traffic free country roads surrounding the river Dordogne prepare yourselves for an unbelievable experience. Distance and difficulty of the ride and route tailored to your specification. / Please contact us for further details.

Canoeing on the Dordogne River

The Dordogne river crosses 3 departments: Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne. Discover the Dordogne valley by canoe or kayak. Copeyre Canoe is 140 km downstream of the river Dordogne. As you canoe down the river “Dordogne”, the scenery is ever changing, green valleys, untamed gorges, limestone cliffs, castles, caves etc. Suitable for all ages – but must be able to swim.

Hot Air Balloon over the Dordogne

This takes place over the Dordogne. Shortly before sunset, or at dawn. After helping with the preparation of the flight, you take off with a professional balloonist and paraglider who has been working as a guide in Dordogne for 15 years. The hot air balloon gently floats above castles, follows the river while drifting with the wind, offering you the most beautiful trip ever… A moment of weightlessness you will never forget! /