Chateau de Castelnaud

Dordogne Caves & Castles

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Le Château de Castelnaud (Castelnaud La Chappelle)

This castle was officially listed as a Historic Site in 1966, stands high over the Dordogne valley. This one-time fortress is now given over entirely to displaying the art of warfare in the middle Ages.   Inside, it has a unique private collection of arms and armour, as well as furniture from the period. Outside, you will find reconstructions of war machines, such as siege catapults in actual size. /

Château des Milandes

Built in 1489 by Francois de Caumont Lord of  Castelnaud, for his wife Claude de Cardaillac.  This Renaissance chateau benefits from a wonderful panorama onto the valley of the Dordogne. Les Milandes is forever linked to the extraordinary personality of Josephine Baker. Come and discover her life here and her incredible destiny. /

Gouffre de Padirac

On descending 103 metres to reach the underground river, by taking either the lift or the stairs, you are at the start of a mystery voyage of 500 meters long where you are seated in a boat.  After disembarking in the Rain Lake Chamber, the visit continues on foot to La Salles des Grands Gours, La Salle du Grand Dôme whose vaulted ceiling rises up 94 metres high with its own Lake Superior at 27 metres above the river bed. /